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Our land law and real estate advisory service covers a wide variety of transactions and options. Our clients include private individuals, corporate bodies and government institutions in Nigeria. We have acted for financial institutions, investors, dealers and developers of property, we are solicitors to African American Associates Ltd, the developers of the multimillion dollars two hundred and one (201) housing unit Estate development, known as the Asaba Exquisite Housing Estate opposite the Asaba international Airport, Asaba, Delta State of Nigeria.

Our client has vast experience in negotiation relating to search and purchase of land in Nigeria, as well as documentation relevant to perfection of title documents at the land Registry in Nigeria. We have working relationship with relevant government agencies which we have leveraged for the efficiency of our services in the perfection of mortgages, registration of land title documents in the various states of Nigeria, as well as securing certificates of occupancy.As Lawyers in Nigeria, we make it our duty to be familiar with the relevant regulations, officers, offices and practices for the benefit of our client.


At Odiase-Lawyers Consulting, we have highly skilled professional lawyers in Nigeria who file, prosecute and defend law suits in Nigeria. Knowing that every civil case or criminal matter is about justice and happiness of the client, each case is done with the outcome in mind.

We have an average of fifty court appearances monthly for civil matters alone. The litigation team is abreast with practice and procedure. We file cases before the courts in Nigeria regularly, instituting actions in respect of land cases, contract, debt recovery, enforcement of fundamental human rights as well as company law.

Our primary objective is serving the interest of our clients. Hence we bear constantly in mind, that the mode of redress affects the realization or otherwise of the interest of the party, whether financial, personal, political, social or business interest.

Hence, where Arbitration will best suit the interest of our client, we advice as such, by initiating proceedings in the various multi-door court houses in Nigeria or Arbitration tribunals elsewhere. Mediation, conciliation or any hybrid process is adopted if that would better serve our client. We have well trained personnel, accredited to practice alternative dispute resolution.


We have a team of family lawyers who provide advice on lawful procedure for child adoption in Nigeria. We also provide other services relating to matrimonial reliefs and marriage related matters. In adoption advisory and practice, the interest of the child and compliance with Nigerian rules as well as the law of the various states are paramount.


Our intellectual property practice covers literary materials, musical works and other intellectual property published in Nigeria. We assist our clients to protect their intellectual property, and enforce redress where their rights are breached. We advise our clients on the various relief options and monitoring mechanism suitable for their cases. At the intellectual property unit of our firm, the lawyers are committed to protecting the intellectual property and copyright of clients including authors, artist, artistes, including musicians as well as the patent of rights of inventors and innovators.


We have advised, and continue to advice multinational companies on foreign investment and divestment in Nigeria. We have a growing network comprising of consultancy firms, law firms and regulatory agency operators which we interface for efficient service delivery.


Odiase-Lawyers Consulting provides advice to local and international clients on all aspects of Nigerian and international business and commercial law. Our clientele in this area include private companies, corporate investors and financial institutions. The firm has deeply rooted experience in taxation, commercial contracts, sale of goods, insurance law, partnerships, company law, labour law, international trade, trade disputes as well as in joint venture and venture capital transactions, property and real Estate, incorporating new companies in Nigeria and statutory process in company law.


We are retained by banks and financial service providers as external solicitors advising on legal aspects of loan management and debt-recovery related litigation.


Counsel in Odiase-Lawyers Consulting conduct criminal defence and we are usually granted fiat of the learned Attorney General, or retained by regulatory agencies in Nigeria or Law enforcement agencies to prosecute criminal matters. At Odiase-Lawyers Consulting, we are familiar with the terrain of criminal law, having several court appearances weekly from court of first instance to appellate court level.

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